Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent teeth surgically embedded in the jaw, and used to replace missing or failing teeth. They look, feel and function like natural teeth because the lower portion actually integrates into the bone, which helps strengthen and maintain bone integrity in addition to functioning like a natural tooth. They can last for more than 30 years, and Dr. Sazima will replace any implant that fails at no cost. (Other procedures might not apply).
The actual implant is comprised of a screw or post, an abutment and artificial tooth over these. Dr Sazima will place the screw and post and possibly a temporary replacement, while the patient’s dentist creates a permanent tooth to be placed over the screw and post. 
There can be as few as one, or as many as eight for a full jaw reconstruction. Many patients use several as anchors for a bridge. Another popular use is as a base for “snap on” dentures, which means the denture plate is fitted with “snaps” that connect to 3 to 4 implant posts to provide a removable yet stable and fixed position for the denture. 
While some implants are a months-long process to accommodate healing and bone regeneration, Dr. Sazima frequently places “same day implants”, many on patients who were told they couldn’t have them at all. The doctor and staff will determine if you’re a good candidate after a thorough exam and 3-D imaging, performed in the office.
Dr Sazima placed his first implant in 1988 and has done more than 8,000 since. He is frequently the implantologist “of last resort” because of his high success rate with patients who’ve been told they cannot have them because of soft or minimal bone. If you’ve been told your not a candidate for dental implants, Dr Sazima will provide a second opinion at no cost to you.