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Close The Gaps In Your Smile

If you're looking for an affordable dental implant solution to fix your smile gaps, look no further than Westlake Periodontics! Dr. Scott Sazima has placed thousands of these innovative artificial teeth, giving patients the attractive, stable smiles that they desire. Read on to learn how implants could change your life, too!

The problems associated with losing teeth

While unattractive smile gaps obviously detract from your self-confidence, additional health problems can also arise from this condition. Some of these problems include teeth shifting, bone and gum recession, impaired biting/chewing, and speech issues.

While conventional bridges and dentures can boost aesthetics and treat some oral issues, they leave bone and gum deterioration to go unchecked. This is often quite problematic, for Dear Doctor reports a full 25 percent reduction in jaw bone integrity and size within just one year of losing a tooth! Multiple tooth loss only increases the difficulties.


The advantages of affordable Westlake dental implants

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots made of biocompatible titanium. They reside in the jaw and are best placed soon after dental extraction.

At Westlake Periodontics, Dr. Sazima qualifies both teens and adults for dental implant treatment. If bone loss or another oral health problem is uncovered, he addresses those issues first before proceeding with the restoration. Ridge augmentation (bone grafting) and sinus lift oral surgeries help people with jaw bone deficiencies.

When all is well, the implant surgery is simple. Dr. Sazima uses numbing medication to keep the patient comfortable while he inserts the implant securely into the jaw.

After some weeks of healing, the patient comes back to Westlake Periodontics to receive a metal alloy extension post and lifelike crown made of color-matched porcelain. The new tooth is ready for use and blends in beautifully with surrounding teeth.

In fact, people say they cannot sense any difference between their implants and their natural teeth. Fortunately, people who have lost several, or even all, of their teeth may benefit from the bone-building, stable, and long-lasting prosthetics supported by dental implants.


You'll love your gap-free smile

Caring for your new smile is easy: just brush and floss as normal while making sure to see Dr. Sazima for check-ups and hygienic cleanings every six months. If possible, avoid tobacco usage, and wear a night guard if you clench or grind your teeth.

With proper care, your implants could last for the rest of your life!


Ready to learn more?

Receiving dental implants could well be the best health decision you have ever made. Find out how they can help you by seeing Dr. Sazima for a one-on-one consultation. Contact Westlake Periodontics today for a convenient appointment: (440) 835-4600.

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