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Need a Tooth Extracted? We Can Help

Dental extractions are generally considered a last resort and usually reserved for extreme situations where a tooth is so badly damaged by extracted toothtrauma or decay that it can't be saved. Dr. Scott Sazima, a dentist in Westlake, OH, performs extractions and periodontal surgery to improve and maintain your oral health after tooth decay or gum disease.


Extractions in Westlake, OH

There are a few scenarios where an extraction is considered the best option:

  • To remove decayed, infected, or impacted wisdom teeth
  • To alleviate crowding
  • Complications from gum (periodontal) disease
  • A tooth becomes too decayed to repair with a filling or dental crown
  • Trauma


Types of Extractions

There are two types of extractions: simple and surgical. A simple extraction is fairly straightforward and can be performed under local anesthetic by a general dentist without the need for any incisions.

A surgical extraction is typically performed by a periodontist or oral surgeon when the tooth is impacted or can't be safely removed with a simple extraction. Surgical extractions are also performed when teeth break off at the crown and there is no visible tooth left past the gum line. In some cases, an extraction may start off as a simple extraction but then require a surgical extraction due to complications or if the tooth breaks off at the gum line during the procedure.


What to Do After a Dental Extraction

After the healing period, you will want to consider the best tooth replacement options available to you. Dental implants are a great option available to healthy adults, for they replace the entire missing tooth from root to crown for a more permanent and secure restoration. They also help to prevent bone loss in the gums, a common side effect of tooth loss. Other options include crowns and bridgework, or dentures for more extensive tooth loss.


Find a Dentist in Westlake, OH

For more information about dental extractions, restorations, and tooth replacement options, contact Westlake Periodontics by calling (440) 835-4600 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sazima today.

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