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Periodontitis and Gum Recession

Normally, just the enamel of the tooth is exposed, but amid gum tissue recession, the tissue encompassing the tooth is eroded, exposing the dentin that makes up the root of the tooth. This induces sensitiveness, which in turn is one of the earliest signs of gum tissue recession. Other indicators that you might have gum tissue recession is the semblance of your teeth being longer than in the past, or an indenture over the tooth where the enamel stops and the exposed dentin starts.

The foremost cause of periodontal recession is periodontal disease: a microbial infection in the gum tissues that breaks down the tissue and bone which hold your teeth in position.

An additional possible cause is incorrect brushing and flossing. Brushing too hard will wear away enamel and healthy gum tissue. Infrequent brushing and flossing can easily result in a tartar increase in between teeth that adds to gum disease.

Various other causations include tobacco use, hormonal changes (such as those during pregnancy) as well as genetic factors. In addition, particular physical activity can result in regressing gums. This includes damage caused by lip and tongue piercings, teeth grinding or clenching, and improperly aligned bite.

Gum tissue recession can be treated. Light recession can be cared for by using "deep cleaning" or scaling to get rid of the hard tartar accumulation and enable the gums to recover and reattach. More advanced circumstances might necessitate a periodontist, like Dr. Sazima, who focuses on ailments and medical treatment of gum tissue, and who can recommend the most ideal course of therapy for you.

As always, the most effective means to prevent gum tissue recession is with proper dental home care. Be sure to floss your teeth each day and use a soft-bristled tooth brush. See your dentist's office for regular professional cleanings, which helps your dentist keep track of the health and condition of your gums. Your dentist can furthermore offer cigarette smokers with guidance in quitting.

Should you need gum treatment in the Westlake, OH region, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sazima.

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