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What Periodontal Surgery Can Do for You

Find out when oral surgery may actually be the best way to treat your gum disease. 

Gum disease occurs when bacteria develop along and under the gum line, leading to plaque buildup and inflammation within the gums. In the beginning stages, you may not even know that you have gum disease; however, if the problem progresses it can lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, our Westlake, OH, periodontist, Dr. Scott Sazima, offers nonsurgical and surgical treatment options to prevent your gum disease from getting worse and causing long-term complications.

When scaling and root planning and antibiotics are not enough to get rid of gum disease, or if gum disease is severe, then we may discuss any of these oral surgery options with you:

Gingival flap surgery 

This is one of the most common oral surgeries that our Westlake, OH, periodontal specialist, Dr. Sazima, performs to treat gum disease. During this procedure, the roots of the teeth are accessed through the gums to remove the pervasive bacteria present. Following this, our periodontist attaches the gums to the teeth, ensuring that the gums are provided proper support.


This type of oral surgery may be most beneficial for patients dealing with significant bone or tissue loss. During the procedure, our periodontist will destroy the bacteria under the gums and then place a special membrane that contains bone-grafting and tissue-regenerating proteins within it. This promotes the regeneration of healthy bone and tissue within the mouth.

Soft tissue graft 

If you’ve lost significant gum tissue, then Dr. Sazima may recommend soft tissue grafting, in which healthy tissue is removed from another area of the mouth to be attached to the gum tissue in order to help improve the shape and appearance of the gums. While this is a restorative procedure, soft tissue grafting also offers cosmetic benefits as well, and can reduce the risk for tooth sensitivity by covering exposed tooth roots.

What are the benefits of periodontal surgery? 

Getting oral surgery could end up providing the best results in the long run for your oral health, especially if you are dealing with advanced stages of gum disease. Surgery can destroy bacteria, restore function back into your smile by strengthening teeth and gums, and also prevent further diseases from affecting your smile.

Need periodontal work? Give us a call

If you are dealing with gum disease or other periodontal issues in Westlake, OH, then it’s time you turned to a periodontist who can provide you with comprehensive, safe, and gentle oral surgery to improve the health of your gums. Call Westlake Periodontics today at (440) 835-4600 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Scott Sazima.

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