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Facial Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is a division of plastic surgery that provides soft tissue and bone reconstruction for patients experiencing facial trauma. It involves comprehensive management of the facial fractures inclusive of the orbits and nose, midface, and mandible. For soft tissue injuries, it covers the facial nerves and eyelids.

These types of injuries normally undergo substantial evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment for the physical and psychological restoration of the patient. Dr. Scott Sazima of Westlake Periodontics in Westlake, OH, can perform oral surgery as part of a facial surgery and reconstructive surgery treatment plan.

Understanding Facial Trauma

Known as craniomaxillofacial trauma, it covers not only the face but also the skull. Because of the delicate parts involved, prompt and accurate diagnosis is required for proper treatment. Such trauma is normally the result of complex injuries to the bones and soft tissues.

The reconstructive surgery should be able to return the full functionality of the face as well as its pleasing appearance. To do this, high-resolution CT scanners are normally used to allow doctors to come up with a life-like simulation on how to address the fractures obtained from the trauma. This also helps map out the best outcome for the patient.

Accurate diagnosis and the analysis of injuries become critical for reconstructive surgery because there is always the possibility of developing long-term cosmetic and functional deformities. These would require additional interventions. The post-traumatic facial deformities that are commonly experienced by patients include:

  • Recessed eyeball in the orbit
  • Increased distance between the eyelids
  • Malar flattening
  • Soft tissue atrophy
  • Cranial defects

Treatment and Scarring

Normally, topical treatments are used for abrasions by applying special dressings or ointments. For deeper lacerations, however, these may require the repair of the vessels, muscles, tendons, and nerves. Skin grafting and reconstruction comes in when large amounts of skin are missing from the patient.

Sometimes it is unavoidable that permanent scars are left behind. These can still be treated with secondary scar revisions should you choose to undergo such treatment. It would improve the appearance of any scars left behind by the original operation.

Recovery from facial trauma injuries can be further improved through an after-care plan and scheduling of routine follow-up checkups. Your recovery can also be assisted by investing in good nutrition as well as getting plenty of sleep and rest. Commonly, the after-care plan would involve:

  • Caring for the surgical areas.
  • Ensuring proper medication is applied or taken orally.
  • Looking out for specific concerns.
  • Observing follow-up schedules with your doctor.

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