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Is Cosmetic Gum Surgery Right for You?

Curious about dental implants, jaw pain, or have a gummy smile? You may be a candidate for oral surgery at Westlake Periodontics in Westlake, OH. Upon your visit, Dr. Scott Sazima will be able to assess the health of your teeth and gums to determine the best course of action toward preserving your smile and alleviating pain. Contact Westlake Oral Surgery experts to learn more.

Some reasons a patient might need cosmetic oral surgery are:

Improve pain in the jaw and bone structure

Patients in Westlake, OH have reasons for pain ranging from wisdom teeth and impacted teeth to jaw misalignment and bone loss. Surgery can correct this and keep you pain-free.

Gummy Smile

When a patient presents excessive gingival display, otherwise known as a gummy smile, the Westlake Oral Surgery professionals will help you prepare for your cosmetic oral surgery and answer any questions you may have. Gum contouring can help to display more of the tooth surface as you smile. No need to feel self-conscious.

Dental Implants

Reasons for needing implants include:

  • Trauma, which may be caused by accident or injury.
  • Periodontitis, a disease of the gums.
  • Mineral deficiencies or malnourishment, which cause the teeth to become unhealthy and loosen.
  • Illness, which can sometimes exacerbate mineral deficiencies. This can also include ailments like oral cancer.

Westlake Oral Surgery can relieve facial pain and offer alleviation of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. Reports from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research states that:

  • Facial pain involves discomfort or pain in the muscles that control jaw function.
  • Internal breakdown of the joint involves a displaced disc, dislocated jaw, or injury to the condyle (the round end of the joint).
  • Arthritis is a progressive inflammatory disorder that can affect the temporomandibular joint.

It is important to get the care you need without uncertainty about the result. If you looking for an oral surgeon in Westlake, OH, we can help you determine if cosmetic gum surgery is right for you. Call Westlake Periodontics for an appointment with Dr. Scott Sazima at (440) 835-4600.

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