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Affordable Dental Implants Near You

If you are missing one or more teeth and are weighing your options, consider investing in your smile with affordable dental implants. The upfront price may seem somewhat steeper than the alternatives, but the returns outweigh the initial cost. Dr. Scott Sazima of Westlake Periodontics, in Westlake, OH, can help you make your decision.

Time Investment

Healing for your dental implants may take months, from the day of your surgery to the day your new crown is fitted. Longer if your jawbone isn't strong enough to support the titanium studs that act as the root for your new teeth. A bone graft may be necessary then, which will add to the time spent healing.

So along with your monetary investment, you must consider the time required as well. But if your aim is a long-lasting result, don't let temporary discomfort sway you. Contact your Westlake dentist for details.

The Alternatives

Bridgework is a relatively fast and cost-effective way to repair your smile. But a dental implant will last longer as it is implanted onto your jaw, helping preserve the bone. It does not require bracing to neighboring teeth for support as bridgework does. So they won't be negatively impacted. Or depend on them not to decay and threaten the bridge.

Like traditional bridgework, implants can replace several teeth at a time. Relying on fewer implants than the teeth they replace.

With this same principle, denture supported implants are also a possibility. Especially for those seeking a more secure alternative to conventional removable dentures.

Return on Investment

Affordable dental implants are a more permanent solution to your missing teeth than other options.

Protect your investment by avoiding smoking and chewing foods that may injure your teeth, as these can damage even your natural ones. Along with good dental hygiene and maintaining your recommended checkups, dental implants can last a lifetime. Call Dr. Scott Sazima in Westlake, OH, at Westlake Periodontics at (440) 835-4600 for affordable dental implants near you.

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