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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Find out why dental implants are the answer to your tooth loss needs. 

It’s hard to believe, but around 178 million Americans are missing at least one permanent tooth, and around 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. While this is a distressing statistic, there is a solution. Even if you’re dealing with tooth loss, our Westlake, OH, dentist Dr. Scott Sazima can perform oral surgery to place dental implants, a long-term tooth replacement that can truly last the rest of your life with the proper maintenance and care.

A Versatile Restoration

Most people think that a dental implant only replaces a single missing tooth, but implants are far more versatile than that. Our Westlake, OH, family dentist has successfully performed oral surgery on adults of all ages in order to place one or more dental implants.

Even current denture wearers can later turn to dental implants to better anchor their false teeth in place. Whether you need one, two, multiple, or all of your teeth replaced, dental implants can replace them all.

Long-Lasting Success

Thanks to the innovative technology of dental implants, which is constantly evolving and getting even better with time, implant success rates are skyrocketing. The average dental implant’s success rate is between 90-95 percent, with some sources even giving implants an up to 98 percent success rate. Simply caring for your implant just like a real tooth, which includes practicing good oral hygiene, means you could have your implant the rest of your life.

Eat and Speak Confidently 

When you have gaps in your smile you know all too well just how challenging it can be to properly chew your food. Some foods may currently be off-limits because you just can’t tackle them.

The good news is that once your implant has been permanently placed, it will fully restore chewing and speaking. This means that you can eat what you want without worrying whether your implant is up for the task (trust us; it is!). Now there’s no need to cancel that dinner date! Go ahead, order the steak.

If you are ready to sit down with our Westlake, OH, cosmetic dentist Dr. Sazima to find out if you’re healthy enough for oral surgery to get dental implants, call Westlake Periodontics today at (440) 835-4600 to book your consultation. Tooth loss can be upsetting, but we can restore your smile and help rebuild your confidence.

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